For surf lessons, we meet on the West side in front of Ostend Ct on the beach at Mission Beach.

Parking, especially on weekends can be a challenge so allow your self at least 30 minutes before class to insure a parking spot, put on your wetsuit and sign your waiver.

Please wear your swimsuit or trunks beneath your clothing, put on your sunscreen at least 30 minutes prior to your lesson. Bring a towel, sunglasses, hat and change of clothing and a bottle of water or drinks.

When you arrive for your surf lesson we will provide you with a wetsuit, so you just need whatever you would wear when going to the beach. Board shorts or swimsuits for men, and bikinis or swimsuits for women.

Forth Campers must bring a labeled back pack or bag, bring a healthy lunch and snacks, pocket money, long sleeve sweat or jacket, towel, sunscreen, shoes, and a drinke first day (Monday) of surf camp we meet at our shop at 735 Santa Clara Mission beach at 8:30am.

If you wear disposable ones, you are okay. Otherwise, you can wear an old pair and close your eyes tightly when underwater. You may also want to use swim goggles.

During the summer months the water temperature ranges between 65ºF – 69ºF.

Pacific surf school and Surfer girls have a broad selection of spring suits at your disposal if you have your own suit you are welcome to use it. We also provide you with brightly colored rash-guards.

You can wear your own wetsuit. If you don’t want to wear a wetsuit it is advisable that you bring a pair of surf shorts/board shorts to use with a rash guard that we provide for you.

All of our instructors are experienced surfers and soul surfers for over 10 years. Some are even pro-s! They are all certified in CPR and first aid and some are also ocean lifeguards. To find out more surf instructor in San Diego.

We do not give discounts for students that bring their own equipment.

We offer discounts for bigger groups or for more than 3 siblings in the family please contact our office for further information.

You are welcome to further rent surf boards after your lesson if we have the equipment available.

There are restrooms for customers only at Sticky buns and our shop at 735 Santa Clara, or at the Santa Clara recreation center on the bay.

You need to be able to swim with your head above water and must be able to swim to shore. Smaller kids and weak swimmers will be kept in shallow waters and our instructors are always with the students at all times.

Overnight campers can prepare your bodies at least one month prior to camp by swimming, stretching, doing push ups, rowing exercises and preparing your biceps and triceps. Yoga is an excellent compliment for people that like to take surf seriously.

Surf is a very dynamic sport and you need lots of energy and explosion. A good balanced healthy diet is always recommended for any physical activity. Please consult your physician if in doubt.

No sharks have been seen however, you may occasionally come across some dolphins further out or even bump into “Shamu” that may have lost his way from Sea world!

Our school and overnight camps are situated within close distance of popular restaurants and clothing stores and supermarkets. There are a variety of restaurants and stores in the nearby area. Great sandwiches and breakfast is available at Sticky buns 735 Santa Clara, and at Voltaire’s and the Boardwalk Café all on Santa Clara.

Yes, we offer gift certificates, please call (858) 201 – 4815.

San Diego Surfing Lessons based in the San Diego, California, area. The surf school serves clients throughout Southern California in locations such as San Diego, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach and Encinitas.

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