Best surf schools in the US

January 9, 2023
The Best Surf School

Interested in surfing? We have covered some of the best surf schools in the US to help you pick the right one. Here’s all you need to know:

Pacific Surf

This San Diego surf school is one of the best in the region offering several locations, including popular hotspots like Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, La Jolla, and Ocean Beach. Sign up for a trial class to know more about this incredible school.

San Diego Surf Lessons

Here’s another top San Diego surf school offering a variety of lessons, including private surf lessons, semi private surf lessons, and group lessons. The school is known for only hiring professionals and is one of the most affordable surf schools in town.

Hawaii Surf School

Suitable for new learners, Hawaii Surf Lessons is one of the best surf schools in Maui and Oahu offering surf tours, customized lessons, and more. Its location is one of its biggest assets; however, the school has a lot more to offer, including experienced instructors.

Ocean Beach Surf School

Ocean Beach Surf School offers affordable plans and some impressive Surf N Stay packages. The school caters to both new and experienced surfers and is open all year round.

Los Angeles Surfing Lessons

Los Angeles is fast becoming the go-to destination for surfers due to its exciting beaches and nightlife. You will find many surf schools in LA but one of our favorites is Los Angeles Surfing Lessons located at Manhattan Beach, one of the best surfing beaches in the US. It offers a surf camp and personalized lessons.

Mission Beach Surfing School

Mission Beach Surf School offers surfing lessons in Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, and La Jolla. The winner of TripAdvisor’s “Travelers Choice Award” for over 7 years in a row, this schol can be a great pick for visitors and travelers who want to have fun learning to surf.

Aloha Surfer Girls

Interested in courses designed for women? Try Surfer Girls in San Diego. The company aims to promote female surfing and has been offering services since 1997. Known for being safe and professional, the school offers overnight surf camps and works with both male and female instructors.

Surf Camp San Diego

Surf Camp San Diego can be a great pick for locals and visitors looking for a surf camp. Experienced and friendly instructors offer personalized plans and a chance to have fun and enjoy activities such as daily yoga, massages, stand up paddle boarding, and bike tours.

Every Day Nicaragua

Everyday Nicaragua is not in the US yet it deserves a place here as it is one of the best surfing schools out there. If you are planning an international surf trip then consider this one. The school is popular for individual lessons and even offers monthly plans. Just book a trip and they’ll even take care of your accommodation and offer great excursions.

PB Surf School

Last on the list is PB Surf School, one of the most popular surf schools in San Diego offering surf lessons, surf camps, and Surf N’ Stay packages. Said to be suitable for all ages, this surf school offers equipment with most packages and is very affordable.

Check these top US surf schools and compare factors like professionalism, affordability, location, and quality so you can pick the right one.